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John Chalmers - Master Herbalist

John Chalmers has made a study of Eastern culture and philosophy for over 20 years. He did his graduate studies in East/West Philosophies at California State San Francisco and Sacramento. Since 1991 John has devoted his life to the study and practice of Chinese herbalism, which he found to be the most effective and complete herbal health system in the world.

In 1994 John made his first journey to mainland China. He spent the year working directly with the factories and phyto-pharmaceutical experts to develop high quality concentrated spray-dried herbal extracts. While there he continued his intensive study of Chinese scientific research on herbs, visited traditional hospitals, and traveled widely gaining new insights into modern applications of Chinese health practices and philosophies.

Since 1995, John has been an educator of the benefits of Chinese tonic herbalism, and Chinese health philosophy. He is very passionate about Chinese herbalism, and is very excited to bring a fantastic line of Chinese superior herbs to America with proven benefits of ancient herbal tradition.


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