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Superior Chinese Herbal Formulas
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South American Herbal Beverages

Chinese Herbal Philosophy

The Three Energies

According to ancient Chinese herbalism, three basic energies are the foundation of radiant health . . .

Jing Energy
Long Term Energy
Physical Body
Genetic Inheritance
Deep Energy Reserve
Glandular Function

Chi Energy
Daily Energy
Immune Function

Shen Energy
Personal Radiance
Feelings of Well-being

The Candle Analogy

Shen energy is the light representing personal radiance.

Chi energy is the flame representing daily energy.

Jing energy is the candle representing long-term energy.

Classification of 2000 Herbs by Function

100 (5%) Superior Herbs
(tonic, nourishing)

  • Long-term use for life
  • Must promote longevity
  • No side effects
  • Nourishes, strengthen and builds the three energies

100 (5%) General Herbs
(regulate, balance, support)

  • Long-term use only when used with superior herbs
  • Short-term use when used alone
  • Have side effects when used alone

1800 (90%) Inferior Herbs
(poisons, medicinal)

  • Short-term use for acute conditions
  • Overrule the body's functions
  • Have toxic side effects
  • Should be taken only with supervision of health care practitioners

None of the formulas recommended by John contain inferior herbs.


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