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South American Herbal Beverages

Great Regulator

Great Regulator -
(90 capsules - 500 mg each)
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One of the key concepts in Chinese Superior Herbalism is that health is dependent on the free flow of energy through-out our system. Any blockage or stagnation of blood, energy, air, digestive material, lymph, etc. can result in physical or psychic dysfunction. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone consume The Great Regulator, an herbal formula that relieves such blockages and encourages the free movement of all the flowing substances of the body.

The Great Regulator is designed to stimulate the flow of energy, blood, lymph and digestive materials. The formula can also help keep the air passages open. It will be appreciated by those who experience stiffness or tension in any part of their bodies, by those who sense that they block certain emotions, and by those who have mental blocks.

This formula is not considered a Superior formula, but is a regulating formula designed to support Superior Herbalism. It contains both General and Superior herbs.

Herbal Extracts:

  • Bupleurum root
  • Peony root
  • Cinnamon twig
  • Cyperus root
  • Pinellia root (prepared)
  • Moutan bark
  • Licorice root


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