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Vital Focus

CT203 - Vital Focus -
(90 capsules - 500 mg each)
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A busy lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, and excessive mental and emotional stimulation (TV, computer games, etc.) can lead to an over-active nervous system that can contribute to a breakdown in Jing, Chi and Shen energies. This imbalance can then lead to chronic mental agitation which can cause further Jing burnout and Shen disturbance. The result is a vicious cycle of declining health. Some mental disturbances may be the result of genetic factors. These imbalances may also be related to Jing deficiencies which are passed from parent to child.

Like a low grade fever, this low grade disruption can wreak havoc on our deep energy reserves which are necessary for maintaining energy, longevity, and healthy brain function. If this condition continues for a long period of time, the imbalance in the Three Treasures Energies can weaken our vitality and cause disorientation, lack of focus, restlessness, confusion, forgetfulness, and an overwhelmed feeling of despair. These disturbances are often diagnosed as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), along with anxiety, stress and depression.

New Herbal Formula
The brain needs energy, nutrients and periods of serenity to function optimally. The herbalists at China Treasures have created a Superior herbal formula to supplement these nutritional needs with herbs that have traditionally been used for this purpose.

Vital Focus is specifically designed to restore harmony, support brain function, and assist mental focus and orientation. Polygala, Asparagus, Lycium fruit and Eclipta work together to harmonize Jing essence with mind essence, replenishing the spinal and brain substances and vital fluids. Dragon bone and Polygala work together to calm and settle the spirit. Biota, Tang Kuei, Eclipta, Peony and Salvia work to harmonize the heart and liver, and normalize the blood, relieving related Shen disturbances. Ginseng, Poria and Licorice create healthy Chi and help to activate and support the benefits of the other herbs.

Herbal Extracts:

  • Polygala root - Calms anxiety and stress, quiets the heart, settles disorientation and restlessness.
  • Biota seed - Nourishes the heart, calms Shen, helps irritability and forgetfulness.
  • Lycium fruit - Nourishes blood and kidney *yin and liver yin.
  • Asparagus root - Nourishes yin and Shen.
  • Dragon bone - Stabilizes Shen.
  • Eclipta plant - Restores deep kidney and liver yin.
  • Poria - Supports digestive energy.
  • Peony root - Supports healthy liver function.
  • Licorice root - Harmonizes, balances, supports mild detoxification.
  • Tang Kuei "Dong Quai" - Nourishes blood and promotes circulation.
  • Salvia root - Invigorates blood, promotes circulation, soothes irritability, especially useful for restlessness.
  • Ginseng root - Promotes healthy circulation of energy, tonifies neuro-endocrine activity, promotes learning and memory, increases stress adaptability.


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