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Azteca Herbal Beverage

Azteca Herbal Beverage -
(loose bulk - 5.5 oz.)
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The Guarani Indians, renowned for their expert botanical knowledge, also have an amazing ancient natural remedy for the symptoms of colds, flu, sore throat and sinus congestion. Anciently, when a Guarani Indian or member of a South American tribe became ill, he or she went to a specially trained Tribal Elder to administer various leaves and inner barks that contained properties they believed nourished the defense system and enabled it to restore health and well-being.

Today this delicious blend of herbs is named after the primary ingredient, Azteca. Because of it's unique texture, Azteca is not available in individual bags. The South Americans drink it through a bombilla, a straw-like strainer and often add Yerba Mate to further activate the wondrous properties of the herbs. It can also be steeped then strained. It does ot contain caffeine.

Ingredients: Azteca, licorice pepper, stevia.


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