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Latin Delight Herbal Beverage

Latin Delight Herbal Beverage -
(tea bags - 25 count)
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Latin Delight Herbal Beverage -
(loose bulk - 7.06 oz.)
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History tells us that those wise in the ways of Nature have always turned to herbs for their medicinal and nutritional support. Now from the pharmacopoeia of the ancient and modern inhabitants of the rainforests of South America, you can experience this delicious blend of herbal beverage. The primary ingredient is Yerba Mate which comes from the leaves of the Yerba Mate tree which only grows in South America. Traditionally the Guarani Indians made an herbal drink from it that was meant to ensure health, vitality, and longevity. Many South Americans continue to drink this delicious beverage to nourish the body to increase its defense against health disorders and disruptions. With proper nourishment they believe the body may better cleanse and detoxify the blood, tone the nervous system, slow down the aging processes, combat fatigue, stimulate the mind, reduce the effects of stress and disease, relieve allergies, eliminate causes of insomnia, and other health challenges. Scientists studying the Yerba Mate plant have found it contains an abundance of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It is considered a whole body tonic and has been called a superfood.

Latin Delight is a combination of Yerba Mate and Licorice Pepper which is a tropical pepper plant. It has the aroma and flavor of anise, but is not a licorice. Licorice Pepper is also considered helpful for bronchial broblems. Latin Delight is also an excellent aid to weight management and does not contain caffeine.

Latin Delight Bags Ingredients: Yerba mate, stevia, licorice pepper.

Latin Delight Bulk Ingredients: Yerba mate, stevia.


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