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(Frequently Asked Questions)

China Treasures

China Treasures

Q. My capsules are hard, are they still good?

A: YES! Because all the China Treasure Products are such concentrated extracts they can be very susceptible to humidity. These extracts absorb moisture and then compact and harden when the humidity lowers. Since some herbal extracts are more susceptible than others some formulas are affected more than others. Yin Jing is an example of one that is highly susceptible but almost every formula is affected to some degree or another. Even though the effectiveness of the product is not compromised the aesthetics of the appearance is.

China Treasures has done several things to try to rectify this problem. One is to have the extracts granulated with varying mesh sizes. Having the granules vary in size seems to help alleviate the compacting problem but it causes the capsule to look dusty as finer granule particles settle apart from the larger granules and does not solve the problem entirely. Another is to add a very small amount of a less concentrated herb but this also causes the capsule to look dusty.

While these compacted capsules look unappealing they are still as effective, in fact they are now much the same as taking an herbal tablet without the fillers and binders used by manufactures who sell herbal tablets.

The ultimate solution is to not have the herbal extracts concentrated so much but this would compromise the quality and would mean that to get the same benefits more would have to be taken. More packaging would be required for the equivalent benefit and that would in turn increase the price. We would rather try to manage the problem by maintaining the very minimum amount in inventory so the product is delivered well before any aesthetic problem arises but this cannot always be done. We also try to educate our distributors and consumers about what has happened and why. When people know that China Treasures guarantees the effectiveness of the product for two years from when it is ordered they are more understanding of the compacting problem.

Q: What is the shelf life of China Treasures products?

A: China Treasures herbal food products have a shelf life of three years or more.

Q: Should I still take vitamins if I use China Treasures products?

A: There is no reason not to take vitamin supplements, but it is probably better to get these nutrients from food when possible. As herb food, the tonic herbs also contain vitamins and minerals. Also, the Chinese tonic herbs increase the assimilation and utilization of nutrients from our food. In one case, researchers have discovered that a specific vitamin will actually heighten the effect of an herb. Scientists in Japan have proven that Vitamin C increases the beneficial effects of Reishi.

Q: Is China Treasures safe for children and which products can be taken?

A: The China Treasures products were designed for people 13 years of age and older with the exception of Children's Tonic. However, many of our customers have used some (e.g. Vital Focus) in small doses with much success.

Q: Can I take more than the dosage shown on the label?

A: Yes! The dosage recommendation on the labels are moderate daily doses. Since many changes constantly take place in our lives, sometimes we need more sustenance to overcome stressful circumstances. Or, we may want to feel certain benefits and effects sooner. In these times, you can choose to increase your daily dosages. Since the tonic herbs are inherently safe, you can comfortably double the recommended dosages when you feel the need.

Q: Which balm should be used for the following ailments?

A: Red Flower - Sore Muscles, Swollen Glands, Bruises, Headache/Neck-ache, Ingrown toenails.
Green Flower - Lung Congestion, Sinus Congestion, Sunburn, Rash, Ingrown toenails.

Q: What makes tonic formulas different than other similar products on the market?

A: China Treasures formulas are not ground raw herbs as are many herbal products commonly found on the market. The China Treasures formulas are concentrated herbal extracts.


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